Probo.CI is a continuous integration and collaboration tool that helps break down the barriers inherent in a software development project. Probo works with git on a per-pull-request basis to ensure that you never merge code into any branch before it has been tested and approved.

Probo is both a SaaS app, available at, as well as an open source software project, available at

Probo.CI was initially created by Zivtech to fulfill an internal need for automated testing of Drupal and other database driven web applications, which popular continuous integration tools like CircleCI and Travis couldn’t fill. Once the tool started to take shape, we realized that we had created a tool that did more than just make automated testing better; by giving a very granular real-time view into the state of development before the work was merged into a git branch, it seriously improved the lives of our project managers, product owners and clients, quality assurance and user acceptance testing staff, and junior developers.

The Probo workflow recognizes that there’s more to deploying development work than automated testing. Real people will always need a place to see, test, and approve changes. By factoring in real human testing and approval processes into the development to deployment process, we can improve quality, efficiency, and collaboration.